Matthias CHITWOOD / Mary KEY

Husband: Matthias CHITWOOD

Born: 1681[12388] [12389] at: Hertfordshire, England
Married: 1711[15992] [15993] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Died: 27 Jan 1755[12390] [12391] at: Cumberland County, Virginia
Father: Thomas CHETWOOD
Mother: Ellenor BUSHOP
Spouses: Mary KEY
Notes: [12392]

Wife: Mary KEY

Born: 12 Jan 1695[12397] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Died: 27 Jan 1755[12398] at: Powhatan County, Virginia
Father: Richard KEYE
Spouses: Matthias CHITWOOD


Name: Eliner CHITWOOD
Born: 12 Aug 1712[12400] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Died: at:

Name: Matthias CHITWOOD
Born: 1714[12403] at: Virginia
Married: 1743[16459] at:
Died: 1775[12404] at: Chesterfield County, Virginia
Spouses: Mary FORE

Name: William CHEATWOOD
Born: 1716[3777] [3778] at: Powhatan County, Virginia
Married: Mar 1750[15985] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Died: ABT Sep 1781at: Powhatan County, Virginia
Spouses: Jean FLOURNOY

Born: 1718[12408] at: Virginia
Married: ABT 1737[16460] at:
Died: Dec 1798[12409] at: Franklin City, Accomack County, Virginia
Spouses: Elizabeth TILLOTSON

Name: James CHITWOOD [12417]
Born: 12 Aug 1720[12414] [12415] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Married: ABT 1750[16461] at:
Died: 1783[12416] at: North Carolina
Spouses: Alice CARPENTER

Name: Richard CHITWOOD
Born: 1722[12422] [12423] at: Northumberland County, Virginia
Married: 1746[16462] [16463] at: Powhatan County, Virginia
Died: 1785[12424] at: Rutherford County, North Carolina
Spouses: Winney RANDOLPH


[12392] Mathias Chitwood - 1681 England -1754 Cumberland County, VA
Elizabeth Banks brought 9 orphans to Northumberland Co. VA. One of these orphans is Matthias Chitwood the earliest known person in the Chitwood Line.

Certificate given George Espridgil and assigned to Elizabeth Banks, who received 50 acres per child that she supervised on the crossing from England. Thus she received 450 acres of land in Northumberland Co. VA. This is in 1681 when we find Matthias Chitwood arriving.

The church was required to care for them by the Government. If the church could send some of them to the Colonies (VA) this cut their responsibility and cost. We can't be sure if Matthias was an orphan. We find a Thomas Chitwood in VA along with other children. If not and Matthias is an orphan, we will have little luck in finding him. A book "I O Chitwood" covers lots of Chitwoods from that marriage down.

Something interesting is the Chitwood name. In England it is Chetwode, Chetwoode, Etc. In our country we have Chitwood, Chetwood and a brother that became angry changed his name to Cheatwood. If we can connect the two Thomas Chitwoods, it is very possible our ancestors go back to around 1,000 AD. These Chitwoods were rich and merchants and in many other business. Quote - Chetwode, Chetwood, Chitwood family of England is an old Saxon one going back to the time of William the Conqueror, and to one John de Chetwode.

One source for information on the early lines of Chitwood family is William and Mary quarterly, Vol. 18-second series, 1938, pp 507-509 by Dr. Blanche M Haines of Three River MI. All of this is from Chitwood Family and related lines by Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh. Printed and published by Wendell C. Tombaugh 913 E. pth(?) St Rochester, IN.

Matthias Chitwood was living with a Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, Northumberland Co. VA in 1695, age 14. Thomas Pate transported nine people from England, including Mathias. Certificate was given to George Espridge and assigned to Mrs. Banks for 450 acres of land for transporting nine persons from England, including Matthew, or Matthias Chitwood. Matthias was 14 at the time.

On 24 April 1722 a Richard Harris of Hanover was given headright for importing Matthew Chettwood. (Cavaliers and Pioneers). Mathias would have been about 41 at the time, perhaps returned from a trip to England to visit relatives and/or to conduct business.

On the consolidated Virginia Census for 1740 a Matthew (Matthias?) Chitwood - Henrico Co.; a Thomas Chetwood-Lancaster Co and another Thomas Chitwood - Lancaster Co. were listed.
His will was dated 1752 and proved 27 Jan 1775 (Cumberland Co. VA - now Powhatton Co VA).
He secured land grant of 400 acres - Goochland Co VA 6 July, 1741.
He also went by Cheatwood.

Matthias' estate included: one bedstead and bedstead of furniture; one iron pot: one set of wedges, ax and iron: two basins, one dish and some spoons; one saddle bridge and bill; six spoons, one water pail; flock bed and furniture; one gun; give head of hogs; two wheels and spindle; six head of sheep; nine head of cattle. The estate was appraised by Henry Clay, Joseph Baugh, and Abraham Baugh and recorded 25 August, 1755. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645 -1720, A to L: "

...CHETWOOD, MATHIAS. Lately app constable for Newman's Neck and having departed out of the country. Sylvester Welsh is app in his place. 17 June, 1714.
On 6 July, 1741, Matthias Chitwood had a land patent for 400 acres in Goochland Co. VA. When the counties were divided this land fell in Powhatan Co (earlier Cumberland Co. VA).
His Will was dated 1752, proved in Cumberland Co. VA. In it he names his wife, Mary and sons, Richard (who received 200 acres); Matthias (100 acres); William (100 acres); John and James received personal property. His son Richard and his wife Winny sold the 200 acres to William and moved to Buckingham Co, then to Bedford Co and finally Rutherford Co. NC where Richard died.

Matthias married May Key about 1711 in Northumberland Co. VA. Mary's brother Philip Key was the Great Grandfather of Francis Scott Keye the author of the Star Spangled Banner.

Several people have placed his father as Thomas Chetwood, b. 1630 in England, however no source information has been given.

Sherwood Forest: owners: 1667 Grant to William Ball and Thomas Chetwood, 1600 acres. 1667 Thomas and Elizabeth Chetwood convey all their interests to William Ball. Note: during the eighteenth century, Sherwood Forest was one of the largest tracts of land in Stafford County. The house is located on a lovely hill, which overlooks the Rappahannock River. Source: They call Stafford Home by Jerrilynn Ely.

I strongly believe that Matthias' ancestors are: John Chitwood and Ellenor Bushop married in Shropshire, England in 1679. Matthias and Mary Key's first child was named Elinor (born 1712) and they also named a son John. Their son Richard was named after Mary's father and her mother's name was Margaret, so Elinor was not named after her mother. It seems possible or even likely that Matthias' and Mary's first child was named after Matthias' mother. There is no William or James (the names of their other sons) in the right time period to be Matthias' father.

Jim Carney

[12393] brought by Thomas Pate (age 14) Type: Emigrated to Virginia

[12417] Capt. James Chitwood, son of Matthias and Mary (Key) Chitwood and brother to Richard Chitwood, was a Tory during the Revolutionary War and was captured and hung after the battle of King's Mountain NC.
"The names of the condemned Tories were --- Colonel Ambrose Mills, Capt. James Chitwood, Capt. Wilson, Capt. Walter Gilkey, Capt. Grimes, Lieutenant Lafferty, John McFall, John Bibby, and Augustine Hobbs. They were swung off the Gallows Oak, three at a time, and left suspended at the place of execution. According to Lieutenant Allaire's acocunt, they died like soldiers --- like martyrs, in their own and friends' estimation.
"These brave but unfortunate Loyalists', says Allaire, 'with their latest breath expressed their unutterable detestation of the Rebels, and of their base and infamous proceedings; and, as they were being turned off, extolled thier King and the British Government, Mills, Wilson, and Chitwood died like Romans.....
The poor Loyalist leaders had been left swinging from the sturdy oak upon which they had been executed. No sooner had the Whigs moved off, than Mrs. Martha Bickerstaff, the wife of Capt. Aaron Bickerstaff who had served under Ferguson, and been mortally wounded at King's Mountain, with the assistance of an old man who worked on the farm, cut down the nine dead bodies. Eight of them were buried in a shallow trench, some two feet deep; while the remains of Capt. Chitwood were conveyed by some of his friends, on a plank, half a mile away to Benjamin Bickerstaff's, where they were interred on a hill still used as a grave-yard."
Taken from the book "Kings Mountain and it's Heroes", by Lyman C. Draper

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Richard SPEAKE / Margaret TATE

Husband: Richard SPEAKE

Born: 1753at:
Married: at:
Died: 1834at:
Father: Capt. Thomas SPEAK
Mother: Sarah LINDSEY
Spouses: Margaret TATE
Notes: [4247]

Wife: Margaret TATE

Born: 1765at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Richard SPEAKE


Name: William Tate SPEAKE Sr. [4249]
Born: 1786at:
Died: 1820at:

Name: George Tate SPEAKE [4269]
Born: 1788at:
Died: at:

Name: Hezekiah SPEAKE
Born: 1790at:
Died: at:

Name: Margaret SPEAKE
Born: 1792at:
Died: at:

Name: Ann SPEAKE
Born: 1794at:
Died: at:


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