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Jackie started researching the Connor line a number of years ago.  With that research came an interest in acquiring a kilt that would be appropriate for honoring his Connor heritage.

Research on kilts have shown that there is not a wrong choice.  If you just want a kilt, you can choose any tartan.  They are not like family crests and licensed only to a single person.  Although the Scottish tartans are best known, the Irish also had them.  And while we are naming tartans, there is an American National tartan and tartans for each of the American Military Services.  Some American states (Texas for one) have their own tartan and there is even one honoring the Confederacy.  The background for this page is the Texas Bluebonnet Tartan.

If you want a kilt to honor an Irish ancestor, its can be made from the National Tartan of Ireland, the District or the County from where the ancestor came, or in a select few, the tartan of the family. 

In the case of the Connor name, Jackie chose the tartan for County Tipperary, the county where our O Connor ancestors resided.  Once the tartan was selected, it was time to buy it.

That first kilt (Tipperary) was bought in January of 2005.  Since then, Jackie has acquired one for his Rutherford/Hume family line (January 2006) and the Irish National kilt in February 2006.

Jackie in County Tipperary Tartan in March 2005
Jackie wearing Irish National, son Keith wearing County Tipperary Tartan, and Pam wearing Irish National Fly in March 2006
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Be forewarned!  A good kilt is not cheap.  By the time you purchase the kilt ($500), and the stuff that goes with it, shirt ($50), belt ($30), buckle ($40), cap badge ($20), kilt pin ($20), sporran ($150), stockings ($25) and sgian dhu (knife) ($80), the total is close to a $1,000.  But, you get what you pay for... and in this case the product was worth it!

Here are just some of the tartans that Jackie has his eye on!

BruceColquhoun AncientFraser Dress ModernHome or Hume Ancient (Rutherford)Keith (or Austin or Marshal) AncientLindsay ModernMcAlpin ModernIrish District MunsterIrish County TipperaryIrish NationalTexas BluebonnetUS ArmyScottish AmericanIrish American

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